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Flowers and Pretty Bunnies

A Dani/Petey speako diary

11/14/05 07:57 pm - peeteeherman - What is it with me and pants?

Me, picking the price tag of Keef's jacket: arrr, stupid staples.
Keef, completely innocently: Thanks. I've got one in my pants, too.
Me: Yeah, I'm not going digging in there.

Well, maybe that comes from just being a perv... but what can I say? *halo appears*

6/14/05 11:34 pm - peeteeherman - Drama

So there we are, in 411 (costume/makeup room), getting ready for matinee of Les Miserables.

I notice this guy's got a couple threads stuck to his jacket and pants, and they're driving me nuts, so I go over there, pull the one off his jacket with a "that was just driving me nuts... but I'm not gonna go grabbing your pants."

....or something like that. Heh. It was amusing.

5/18/05 11:56 pm - peeteeherman - Early morning... as if that's an excuse...

The other morning, at school, Danielle was sitting at a table, and said something about being too tired to do anything. I caught myself just before I shot back "yeah, well, I'm too tired to do YOU!" ... I did mention it to her, however.

And then later on in the day I had Slash in my mouth, and I couldn't help but keep thinking about how wrong that sounded. *ahem*. (Carrying a pattern for my Slash t-shirt, had it in my mouth when I was fiddling with other stuff).

5/7/05 12:38 am - sirius_starr

Petey and I were eating supper in the food court in the mall, and she was drinking iced tea. She commented that it "tastes funky", and me, as usual, shot back with a

"YOU taste funky!

... I mean..."


4/26/05 09:36 pm - peeteeherman - Yet again, I mess up my words....

At work tonight, I was trying to get in the bottom drawer of the salad bar thing, to get a couple creamers for a lady for her coffee. Chrissy was, at the same time, trying to get salads out of the top drawer.

So, I'm sitting there, pulling on the drawer, looking up at her, going "Chrissy! Come ON! I've gotta get under you!"

4/26/05 09:21 pm - sirius_starr - Hehehehehe...

Ok, our history teacher has a tennis ball in his desk, and whenever he gets bored while we're working, he'll walk around the classroom, bouncing it as he goes, pretending to pitch it at students and stuff (Yes, my teacher ROCKS xD) Anyway... He was at his desk today and I was watching him, he took out the tennis ball again... then, I was like

"Oh, he's playing with his ball again..."

Then I was like... o.O Oops. Hee. xDD

There was another today but I forget it, lol.

4/17/05 01:40 am - sirius_starr - Eeehehehe...

TOday at work... this lady bought a little flower pot, and a big bag of soil. After she paid, she started walking away just with the soil and I called after her:

"Hey! Don't forget your pot!!!"

Hehehe.. I was like "Ooookay that sounded bad. Heh."

4/14/05 08:33 pm - peeteeherman - Salvador!

Talking about Salvador Dali the other day....

Me: Maybe he had a fixation for long things. *ahem*

4/9/05 08:26 pm - peeteeherman - Speakos and whatnot

At McDonald's....
Dani: (imitating me, going to the counter at McDonalds and showing off her Smarties shirt to get a Smarties flurry) I want one of THESE! (rips open jacket)
Me: Yeah! With ice cream and fudge! (rips open jacket)
Dani: You know you’re only making it worse…
Me: Hey, at least I didn’t say whipped cream.
Dani: You did now…
Me: I didn’t show him my Smarties! Wow, that sounded wrong.

Me: (upon going through the car wash) I like the wetness.

Me: (painting a figure in pottery class) I’m painting his crotch! And now I’m sanding his nipples!

4/9/05 08:25 pm - peeteeherman - Intro....

Hi there all!

As a brief intro (or is it a boxer intro?.... anyway...) For those of you who may not know what a "speako" is... well, I'm sure we all know what typos are, right? Yeah. Speakos is a word we coined for when you try to say something that just comes out... wrong.

For example:

Dani: Aw, you got sugar all over my dashboard!
Petey: It was worse. I got rid of it. I licked it off.
Dani: I don’t think you’d want to be doing that… I just put Armor All on it…
Petey: I like to lick fu---- *gigglefit*


Uh... now if that don't say something about me..... *blush*

*ahem* *blush* *ahem*

Tee hee. :)
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